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Product: Signal Cable


The Jinwi’s signal cable is created to provide the highest level of performance and noise rejection possible. What's more? Our range of the interconnect is designed to satisfy a wide range of requirements on signal cable. We use finely stranded high grade 4N,5N,6N or 7N OFC(Oxygen Free Copper), TC(Tin plated Copper), SPC(Silver Plated Copper), OCC(Ohno Continuous Casting)copper, VCC(Vacuum Crystal Copper), SPOCC(Silver Plated OCC),Pure Silver, GPC(Gold Plated Copper) carries high current capability and high quality PVC, PE, LDPE, HDPE, FPE, XLPE, PP, Teflon, TPE, TPR, PU, to give our cable good isolation.

The interconnect, RCA and signal cable from Jinwei deliver a high clarity performance to balance the exceptional sound for you. The sustained positive appreciation from customers keeps a sublime recommendation in the hi-end world. Since quality of our products and sell service has always been our aims, we care about our customer feedback on every products. Hence, this is the key for us to keep growing in the market.

Established in 1995, Jinwei makes high performance hi-end audio cable. Our main objective has been to research and develop audio quality and obtain an extremely high definition sound reproduction, with an aesthetic cable, always having in mind the end users standards. If you are interested in our items, please feel free and contact us for more! We are glad to serve you the best and the most stable quality of the cables.