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Product: Power Cable


The power cable we offer has two types of cable mesh, single and dual. In the series, we offer four models with different features for you, but all of the cables are made of high purity oxygen free copper with fine aluminum wrapping. They are ideal for industrial field, and the main single conductor power cable are welded type, which is with flexible PVC jacket to make the item more durable. As for the multi conductor type, the application is mostly for home use or generators.

All of the JinWei's items incorporates finely stranded high grade 4N, 5N, 6N or 7N Oxygen Free Copper(OFC), TC(Tin plated Copper), SPC(Silver Plated Copper), OCC(Ohno Continuous Casting)Copper, VCC(Vacuum Crystal Copper), SPOCC(Silver Plated OCC), Pure Silver and GPC(Gold Plated Copper). The cotton yarn filler of the power cable absorbs vibration, aluminum and braiding reject exterior EMI and RFI. Our compact and practical design allows you to hear the high end speaker out with a more melodious, profound and optimal output.


Our goal is to cross the boundary, and create products that are individual, creative, and unique at competitive prices so that every music enthusiast can really appreciate that ultimate perfect audio sound. Hence, if you have any question about our power cable and other products, please contact us for further information.