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Product:Bi-Wire Cable


The bi-wire cable is utilized the bi-wiring technology to connect a speaker to an audio amplifier. It is namely using an extra pair of connecting separate wires to the same terminals for adjusting the quality of the sound. Jinwei’s bi-wire speaker cable is the ultimate bi wiring solution in solving those unbalanced sound qualities, from harsh treble, confined mediate or dull bass to meet a comfortable listening experience.


The most featuring material is the finely stranded high grade of oxygen free copper from 4N to 7N. It is the base of all the bi-wire cables from our production line. Besides, we have OCC copper, VCC copper and even pure silver to carry high current capability for you. Moreover, the PVC, PE, LDPE, HDPE, FPE, XLPE, PP or Teflon with fine quality is all available for good isolation.


As an experienced supplier of audio cables, we applied quality assured materials to help you achieve your requirement in audio system. We offer cumulative power output with audible smoothness and clearness as well as stable quality to make your audio experience better than before. If you are interested in our bi-wire cables, please feel free and contact us for more information today!