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Product: High End Cable


Jinwei is a high end cable company of audio cable and speaker cable to upgrade your high end hi-fi system in the digital interconnects industry. We highly utilize the new outstanding technology, TFC (Twisted Flat Copper) series, maximizing the sound performance and minimizing the electrical interference of high end cables. Jinwei has developed this unique shape to create comprehensive flexibility to the high end cable, which can be used just as easily as primary cable application for home’s acoustic system.

Compare it to a normal stranded copper conductor, TFC has a bigger surface area which allows the audio cable to carry substantially transmission, which means that the "skin effect" has lower resistance at high frequency, and represents a better treble control. Unlike the traditional round cable conductor in appearance, the high end cable utilized ultra thin flat copper foil, formed a corkscrew shape by using unique procedure.

More of the advantages of high end cables such as the taut transparent PVC insulation, keeping the cable in a stable position as well as producing precise sound definition and a pure polished appearance. Various innovative development designs are on-going at Jinwei, and customized designs for your hi-fi high end audio cable are welcome.