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Product : Audio Cable


Jinwei's audio cable use finely stranded high grade 4N, 5N, 6N or 7N OFC(Oxygen Free Copper), TC(Tin plated Copper), SPC(Silver Plated Copper) ,OCC(Ohno Continuous Casting)copper, VCC(Vacuum Crystal Copper), SPOCC(Silver Plated OCC), Pure Silver, GPC(Gold Plated Copper),TFC(Twisted Flat Copper) and alloy as conductors to give maximum audio performance. Our insulation and jacket materials for the audio cable include PVC, PE, LDPE, HDPE, FPE, XLPE, PP, Teflon, TPE, TPR and PU to give our cable good isolation.

The basic form of the cable usually differs from another by virtue of the gauge number and the conductors. Mostly, the numbers of the gauge and conductors are various in sizes. The size of the conductor determined by the gauge of the audio cable, and the higher the gauge number, the lower the conductor. In order to provide you the best quality for the cables, we have continuous on-going research with new materials to perfect the audio experience. Our high quality product has become our top selling number product, and we do OEM and ODM for many famous brand companies in the market.

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, our effort gives us motivation to reach ever higher for that flawless clarity in sound. On the other side, a high performance, and sophisticated cable is always made by designers willing, through their ingenuity to overcome the many technical conflicts when introducing new products. If you have any interest about our audio cable, please contact us or send inquiry for details.